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Claro API Challenge

Claro is a telecommunication company in Latin-American with a large base of mobile phone users in Colombia (more than 5million). It currently provides a payment app Claro-Pay. The challenge asked participants to develop a proof of concept of an application(s) to be integrated into their app that would consume the API’s currently hosted on their […]

SputniQ – Smart Experimental Data Repository

Most research-driven companies have many different data sources used by their teams. The result is a system of data silos characterized by: different data models, different vocabularies for common concepts and different levels of contextual information. This disconnection affects innovation. The solution is an ontology-driven data integration tool that brings together data and semantics to […]

Journal of Research Objects PoC

Open science is a movement that promotes open access to research data, publications, and scientific collaboration. It promises to increase transparency, provide reproducibility by reusing scientific datasets and increase trust in scientific collaboration. Blockchain fits the mindset of open science because of its transparency and decentralized nature. This project create a proof of concepts of […]

Fixed income portfolio App

Using estimated historical returns from a set of bonds we design a tool to estimate and compare different portfolio optimization techniques. The application has an R statistical software backend that generates the estimation of the different sets of restricted and unrestricted portfolios. A Shiny app is used to provide a frontend application that allows non-technical […]

EIT health ontology development

EIT Health as part of the European Institute of Innovation and Technology is in charge of fostering innovation in health and ageing, by bringing together business, research and education.   In order to bring together the different partners in the network, EIT Health was interested in a technological solution to classify grant applications according to […]

Second place in the Blockchain Challenge (

¿Qué es lo que debes incluir en una publicación en el blog? Contenido útil, específico a la In September 2019 we participated in the Blockchain Challenge (Hackathon) organized by (a public sector initiative to foster the development of IT capabilities in Colombia). The Hackathon’s objective was to develop a solution and proof-of-concept of a […]