Second place in the Blockchain Challenge (

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In September 2019 we participated in the Blockchain Challenge (Hackathon) organized by (a public sector initiative to foster the development of IT capabilities in Colombia).

The Hackathon’s objective was to develop a solution and proof-of-concept of a blockchain solution that would facilitate the management of documents of public interest.  

Using Hyperledger Fabric we two solutions CERVER API and CERVER Verificator so that public institutions could issue an abstraction of any text-based document onto a blockchain. This abstraction was represented by the Hash of the document that would be registered onto the blockchain. This process is done using a Rest-API. The Verificator provides an application so that any text-based document could be checked against the authentic copy stored in the blockchain.

The applications developed and a detailed explanation of the solution is in the CERVER repo (in spanish).

The solution provided by the Linking Data Team obtained second place during the Hackathon.

We are very proud of what we accomplished during the four days of the event and we thank the organizers for the recognition and for inviting us to participate.